Kardashian revelations: Kendall admits to marijuana use

    Kendall Jenner surprises fans by admitting her marijuana use, revealing a new side of her personality years after the Kardashian family's candid confessions about their past.

    Kendall Jenner (Source: People)

    Kendall Jenner (Source: People)

    As we look back, it's fascinating to see how celebrities evolve over time. In a throwback to a candid revelation, Kendall Jenner, once known primarily for her modeling career and Kardashian family ties, opened a new chapter in her personal narrative. In a nostalgic reflection on a 2020 episode of Sibling Rivalry with Kate and Oliver Hudson, Jenner made a surprising confession that she smokes marijuana, a statement that was groundbreaking at the time.

    "I am a stoner," Jenner admitted during the podcast, a bold statement that challenged public perceptions. This revelation was not just a personal disclosure but also a statement about the evolving attitudes towards marijuana, especially in the state of California where it's legal.

    Jenner's admission wasn't the first time a member of the Kardashian clan surprised fans with personal disclosures. In the same vein, Kim Kardashian West had previously opened up about her own experiences with ecstasy. Kim's candidness about her past, including being high during significant life events, was a startling revelation back then. "I got married on ecstasy. The first time," Kim had shared, painting a picture of a past filled with experimentation and life lessons.

    Fast forward to today, both Kendall and Kim have moved beyond their past experiences, evolving into mature, influential figures in the entertainment industry. Their journey from party days to professional prowess is not just a testament to personal growth but also reflects changing societal norms.

    Kim Kardashian (Source: Billboard)

    As we reflect on these past events, it's intriguing to consider how the revelations of celebrities like Kendall Jenner have contributed to a broader conversation about lifestyle choices and personal growth. From runway shows to candid podcast revelations, Jenner's journey is a reminder of the multifaceted nature of public figures.

    Kendal Jenner's Pepsi ad (Source: The New York Times)

    Jenner's and Kardashian West's admissions, once considered controversial, now resonate as stories of evolution and self-acceptance. They highlight a dynamic where celebrities are no longer just entertainers but also influencers shaping societal perceptions.

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