Margot Robbie spills the beans to Cillian Murphy: Oppenheimer producer wanted her to change Barbie release plans

    In this candid exchange, Margot Robbie reveals to Cillian Murphy that a producer working on Oppenheimer requested a rescheduling of the release date for the film Barbie.

    Margot Robbie and Cillian Murphy (Source: Variety)

    Margot Robbie and Cillian Murphy (Source: Variety)

    The Barbenheimer craze marked a pivotal cultural event in 2023. During Variety's Actors on Actors special, Margot Robbie from Barbie and Cillian Murphy from Oppenheimer engaged in a conversation. They explored the trend of movie enthusiasts arranging double features, watching both films consecutively.

    Spontaneous Success

    People would inquire, 'Are the marketing departments coordinating?' I'd reply, 'No, it's organic! It's not orchestrated; it's the world in action,'” shared Robbie. “You can't manufacture or plan for it.” “It happened because both films were solid,” Murphy added. “That summer, there was a rich variety in cinemas, and the connection was something no one, not you, me, the studios, or anyone else, could have foreseen.”

    The Cast of Barbie (Source: People)

    Stalemate Showdown

    During the interview, Robbie, also a producer on "Barbie," confessed that a producer from the Christopher Nolan film went so far as to call her, urging a delay in its release to avoid overlapping with their respective premieres. “I recall Chuck Roven, one of the producers – we've collaborated on other projects – calling me and suggesting, 'I think you should change your date,'" shared Robbie. "I responded, 'We're not shifting our date. If you're apprehensive about competing with us, then you move your date.'"

    "He insisted, 'We're not adjusting our date, I just believe it would benefit you to move,'" she recounted. "I countered, 'We're standing our ground; I believe this is an excellent pairing. Barbie and Oppenheimer make for a perfect double billing.'" Murphy chimed in, saying, "It was a great instinct!"

    Oppenheimer (Source: IMDB)

    During the interview, Robbie expressed that Greta Gerwig was her top pick to direct Barbie, determined not to accept a refusal. Little did she anticipate that Gerwig's involvement would propel the film into a cultural sensation. As for Oppenheimer, Murphy reflected on his sixth collaboration with Nolan, emphasizing that their partnership consistently yields successful results.

    "Emma Thomas, his wife and producer, reached out to me because Chris doesn't have a phone. So she connected me with Chris, and he, in his characteristically understated British manner, said, 'I'm working on this Oppenheimer movie — I'd like you to take on the role,'" shared Murphy. "At the time, I had just wrapped up something and wasn't committed to anything. 

    It dawned on me that this was unlike the other projects I had done with him; it delved into Oppenheimer's life. When he eventually handed me the script, it was narrated in the first person, a style I had never encountered before."

    Margot Robbie (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

    The conversation between Margot Robbie and Cillian Murphy highlights the remarkable journeys of their hit films, Barbie and Oppenheimer. Robbie's persistence in securing Greta Gerwig for Barbie led to a cultural phenomenon, while Murphy's sixth collaboration with Christopher Nolan on Oppenheimer showcased their enduring success.