Rumored replacement of Johnny Depp by Ayo Edebiri in Pirates 6 sparks fan backlash

    Johnny Depp fans threaten to boycott next Pirates of the Caribbean film if there's no Captain Jack Sparrow.

    Ayo Edebiri (Source: IMDb)

    Ayo Edebiri (Source: IMDb)

    Recent social media chatter suggests that actress and comedian Ayo Edebiri could replace Johnny Depp as the lead in Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Allegedly, Disney aims to produce a female-led installment, as reported by CBR. Even insider Daniel Richtman has reportedly confirmed that the next Pirates sequel will feature a female protagonist, according to the news outlet. Ayo Edebiri's name has been floated for the role.

    Rumor Sparks Outrage

    Reports suggest that the Emmy Award winner may take on the role of real-life Irish pirate Anne Bonny. However, in light of these rumors, Disney is now grappling with significant backlash online over its casting decisions. Under the hashtag #NoJohnnyNoPirates, numerous fans are expressing their firm stance that a new Pirates movie lacking Jack Sparrow is simply not acceptable to a large portion of the franchise's followers.

    Delays and Drama

    The sixth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was initially announced back in 2011. However, its production has faced numerous delays, particularly after Johnny Depp's departure as the male lead in 2020 amidst his legal disputes with former wife Amber Heard in recent years

    A still from Pirates of the Caribbean (Source: IMDb)

    Disney's attempt to produce the sequel in 2018, with the assistance of Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, failed. Additionally, in 2020, discussions emerged about Margot Robbie leading a Pirates spin-off scripted by Christina Hodson, according to Variety. However, these plans ultimately fell through.

    In 2022, Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed the development of two Pirates scripts, one involving Margot Robbie and another without her. However, Robbie expressed uncertainty about the project's future to Vanity Fair. The forthcoming Pirates sequels will focus on young pirates embarking on a quest for hidden treasure, raising doubts about the return of the original cast.