X-Men '97 Morph voice actor responds to non-binary character controversy

    J.P. Karliak, the voice behind Morph in Disney+'s X-Men '97, speaks out about the backlash surrounding the character being described as non-binary.

    X-Men 97 (Source: X)

    X-Men 97 (Source: X)

    J.P. Karliak, the voice actor for Morph in Disney+'s X-Men '97, discusses the backlash the show faced following Marvel Animation's description of the character as non-binary. Showrunner Beau DeMayo, who has since departed the production, confirmed Morph's non-binary identity to Empire magazine for their April 2024 issue, sparking controversy among certain fans.

    Karliak, without citing specific quotes, indicated that the backlash from a particular fan group wasn't unexpected for him. In his discussion with CBR, he mentioned his involvement in queer activism and his awareness of current political and social dynamics, suggesting that he was well-prepared for such reactions.

    X-Men 97 (Source: X)

    Fan Support Amid Backlash

    Karliak expressed appreciation for the significant counter-response to the backlash. He highlighted the reminders from fans about the core themes of X-Men and their historical context as an allegory for the civil rights movement in the United States. This, he suggested, was reassuring amid the criticism.

    Karliak mentioned that he hasn't been bothered by any published criticisms, despite their attempts to provoke him. He recounted one article that labeled him as a "radical queer activist" and detailed his organization's mission statement directly from its website. Rather than feeling offended, he humorously acknowledged the accuracy of the information and appreciated the unintended promotion.

    X-Men (Source: Variety)

    A Perfect Score in the Marvel Universe

    The animated series X-Men '97 boasts an exceptional 100 percent Fresh rating. Despite reviews predominantly coming from niche fan-oriented platforms rather than mainstream outlets typical of live-action shows or films, this rating surpasses other highly acclaimed Marvel projects. 

    Marvel Animation's X-Men '97, which debuted last week, serves as a reboot of the beloved 1992 series, X-Men: The Animated Series. According to the official descriptions, X-Men '97 revisits the iconic 1990s era, following The X-Men, a group of mutants who utilize their extraordinary abilities to safeguard a world that harbors animosity and trepidation towards them.

    You can catch the first two episodes of X-Men '97 on Disney+ right now, and there'll be new ones dropping every Wednesday.