Attack on Titan's unexpected fiinale format: An anime game-changer?

    Looking back at Attack on Titan's surprising decision to split its final season into two hour-long episodes, rewriting anime conventions.

    <p>Attackn on Titan (Source: Dexerto) </p>

    Remember the buzz when Attack on Titan, the globally adored anime, decided to toss out the rulebook? Let's take a nostalgic stroll back to 2023 when NHK announced one of the most unexpected twists in anime history.

    Dividing the Titans: When One Season Became Two

    Anime fans across the globe held their breath in anticipation of Attack on Titan's final season. But, lo and behold, NHK dropped a bombshell: Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 wouldn't follow the conventional episodic format. Instead, it was to be split into two separate extra-long episodes, akin to feature films! The first debuted on March 3 with a dramatic hour-long special, while fans had to play the waiting game for the second half's hour-long spectacle later that year. In essence, the finale was given a theatrical transformation, much to the shock (and delight) of many. "This isn’t really what anyone was expecting," but the move was certainly a game-changer.

    Though many Titan enthusiasts had fingers crossed for a feature-length ending, this setup was nothing short of a masterstroke. With each half narrating a self-contained story, the series gave fans more than just episodes—it gave them events.

    Teasing Titans: The Unending Wait for The End

    This wasn't the series' first rodeo with cliffhangers and teasing. Starting its Final Season journey in December 2020, the season's multiple parts had fans at the edge of their seats. Every finale hinted at another season, always leaving viewers yearning for more. These endings weren't merely episodic but cinematic, redefining the very fabric of anime storytelling.

    Newbies looking to jump on the Titan train before the grand finale also had a treat in store. A seven-part omnibus collection, capturing the series' essence in a compact format, was aired, giving both old and new fans a quick refresher right before the climactic conclusion.

    Anime's Finest Hour or Just Another Twist?

    Looking back, this intriguing strategy could have been a genius move or a risky gamble. But, as every Attack on Titan follower knows, the series has always thrived on surprising its audience. And while the anime landscape is rife with experimentation, this particular twist will forever be etched in fandom history.

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