'Cold Pursuit was just Mr. Plow The Movie' - The unexpected Simpsons Crossover that Took Liam Neeson's career to new heights

    In a surprising turn of events, Liam Neeson's Cold Pursuit movie displayed stunning similarities with the Season 4 Simpsons episode "Mr. Plow." Journalist David Itzkoff along with numerous Twitter users highlighted the striking resemblances, sparking a wave of discussion and debate. Given the successful outcome, Neeson may have just hit the jackpot by adapting this unusual blend of pop culture and Hollywood cinema.

    'Cold Pursuit was just Mr. Plow The Movie' - The unexpected Simpsons Crossover that Took Liam Neeson's career to new heights

    Once upon a time, in the golden age of 2018, "I know we all joked that Cold Pursuit was just Mr. Plow The Movie, but...come on," was the sentiment echoed by journalist David Itzkoff. Revisiting this quirky spectacle, the comparison between Liam Neeson's Cold Pursuit and the legendary "Mr. Plow" episode from The Simpsons Season 4 remains strikingly notable.

    "Mirror Images: Cold Pursuit and Mr. Plow"

    In the land of Springfield, Homer Simpson opened a snowplow business named "Mr. Plow," during a heavy blizzard, later being run out of the business by Barney Grumble's slightly larger snowplow, "The Plow King." Now, cast your eyes over to Cold Pursuit where Neeson plays a snowplow driver on a violent quest for revenge. As reported by Mashable, the plots bear an uncanny resemblance. The similarity? Both Neeson and Barney are quite the trigger-happy snowplow drivers.

    "From Citizen of the Year to Trigger-Happy Driver: Neeson's Unexpected Plot Twist"

    Another riveting parallel was when Homer received the key to the city from Mayor Quimby in The Simpsons. On the other hand, Neeson's character in Cold Pursuit bags the "Citizen of the Year" award, before embarking on his vengeful journey across the snowy landscapes - strikingly similar to the visuals of beautiful snowy landscapes in The Simpsons episode. Fans could not help but chip in on this unexpected Cold Pursuit/Simpsons crossover, with many referencing Homer's infamous television commercial jingle.

    "If turning a Simpsons episode into a movie works out well, Neeson may just have discovered a goldmine," as several fans pointed out. This oddball comparison has undoubtedly stirred up a snowstorm in the entertainment industry, setting the stage for a new goldmine of ideas. Will more movies borrow from beloved television episodes? Only time will tell. Until then, these fun parallels between Cold Pursuit and "Mr. Plow" keep fans entertained and Hollywood abuzz.

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