From Elvis impersonation to Hollywood: Blake Rayne's star-studded debut

    Flashback to "The Identical" where Ray Liotta unveiled his personal adoption story, paralleling a fictional narrative around Elvis Presley's imagined twin. Revisit the magic, drama, and the stars!

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    Source: TMZ

    "The Identical": When Hollywood Crafted Fiction from Reality

    It's a familiar, and often heartwrenching, hypothetical: What if Elvis Presley's twin brother had survived? Rewind to 2014, and the silver screen attempted to tackle this with "The Identical," blending fact with fantasy. And at the core of it all? A personal tale of adoption from none other than Ray Liotta.

    Casting A Web Designer as the King

    The film's uniqueness didn't just stop at its intriguing premise. When producers were hunting for the perfect Elvis twin, they stumbled upon a gem. Blake Rayne, previously a web designer and Elvis impersonator, took center stage. A remarkable debut, considering, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Rayne admitted, "It’s not just my first feature film; it’s my first time acting." And when he realized heavyweights like Ashley Judd and Ray Liotta were cast as his on-screen parents? The jitterbugs danced in full force. Especially with Liotta, given the formidable image he carved in movies like "Goodfellas."

    Ray Liotta: From "Goodfellas" to Good Fellow

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    Beyond the cameras, Liotta showcased an avuncular warmth. Making a concerted effort to set Rayne at ease, he recounted, “I remember my first acting role and how people were with me,” sharing that he made an early trip to Nashville just to bond with the newcomer. The family vibes weren't just an act; Dustin Marcellino directed the film while his father Jerry and son Jordan produced it under their banner, City of Peace Films.

    But here's the kicker – the story’s theme of long-lost family was deeply personal to Liotta. He divulged his adoption story, saying, “I found my birth mother and found out I have... a full sister that I didn’t know about until 15 years ago.”

    Memories and Montages: Nashville Chronicles

    The film wasn't just a playground for actors. Seth Green, mostly known as a voice actor, faced his own set of challenges. He recalled a moment of dread during a drumming sequence, expressing, “The worst day I ever had was when they said, ‘Okay, we’re going to do all eight songs in a row like a montage," emphasizing the intense preparation that went behind every scene.

    Shooting in the heart of music, Nashville, came with its fair share of highlights. Recalling a cherished moment, Joe Pantoliano shared about witnessing co-star Waylon Payne's excitement upon receiving a call to perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

    The cinematic journey culminated in an exquisite after-party at the White Street Restaurant, painting a vivid picture of glitz, glamour, and a gala brimming with industry icons.

    "The Identical": More Than Just a Film

    Released on September 5, 2014, "The Identical" wasn’t just a film. It was a tapestry of real emotions, personal tales, and a fictional account that compelled audiences to ponder on the 'what ifs' of history.

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