Hina Khan shares bathroom selfies with marks left behind by masks after her family tests positive for COVID-19

    Actress Hina Khan is the only member of her family to have tested negative.


    Last year was incredibly difficult for actress Hina Khan . She was in Kashmir shooting a music video when her father suffered from a cardiac arrest and bid the world a final adieu. As she returned home after performing his last rites, the actress contracted novel coronavirus and was quarantined in her house for several days. Sadly, the beginning of 2022 has not been much easier for Hina. She rang in the New Year on a high note in New York City, but has been busy taking care of her family ever since she returned.

    In her latest post, the actress revealed that her entire family has tested positive for COVID-19 . She took to her social media handle to talk about the same along with bathroom selfies featuring marks on her face, left behind by masks. Hina shared, “When everyone in the family tests positive for covid and you are the only negative in the house, you have to gear up with masks and sanitisers 24x7 and look after the entire family..safe to say there will be marks behind .. just like the ones I got after wearing my masks 24/7.”

    But as we all know, Hina Khan is a warrior. Proving the same once again, she wrote: “But as they say when life presents itself as an obstacle course .. become a ninja warrior.. or atleast try.. And this post is to tell you that trying is enough.. it gets you to the other side just fine.. Let us all try and fight it again .. with scars and battle marks .. just like a warrior.. This too shall pass and remember when Life gives you lemons make a bloody lemonade.”

    As fans pour love and blessings for the actress in the comment section, we wish Hina’s family a speedy recovery!