'It was really catastrophic," Seth Rogen reveals the shocking aftermath of 'The Interview' starring James Franco

    Seth Rogen speaks out about the "catastrophic" fallout from James Franco's 2014 film "The Interview." The once controversial movie has found a new home on television, making Rogen re-think the definition of controversy in Hollywood.

    'It was really catastrophic," Seth Rogen reveals the shocking aftermath of 'The Interview' starring James Franco

    James Franco and "The Interview" – A Controversial Legacy

    Six years ago, the world was in shock over the controversy surrounding James Franco's 2014 film "The Interview." But what's happened since? Seth Rogen, the co-star, sheds light on the fallout and its impact on Hollywood in a recent podcast episode.

    "At the time, it was really bad and really catastrophic," Rogen said of the fallout from "The Interview," as reported by Hawk vs. Wolf podcast. This film, featuring Rogen and James Franco, became infamous due to its role in the Sony hack, leading to leaked data, emails, and even threats from North Korea. The impact was profound, leading to job losses, including Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal, and shifting the dynamics of Hollywood.

    Rogen's realization was startling: "It really caused seismic shifts in Hollywood at the time, and I think how business was done in some ways…It kind of showed the success a movie could have in some ways if it has a full theatrical campaign and then immediately go to streaming." Indeed, it still stands as the biggest movie ever streamed on Google.

    "What’s crazy is now it’s on television," Rogen continued, emphasizing how the once most controversial film is now playing casually on FX. What was once a source of worry for Rogen seems to have found a place in regular television programming, making him question the very definition of controversy.

    "Having like the U.N. have to make a statement about it, that’s a controversy," he added, reflecting on how the experience recalibrated his perspective on what's considered controversial in modern times.

    The transformation of "The Interview" from a heated political topic to a regular television feature marks a significant shift in cultural perception and acceptance. It's a lesson in the transient nature of controversy and a testament to Hollywood's ability to adapt and evolve.

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