'My wife is a lioness': Karan Singh Grover recalls Bipasha Basu's courage during daughter Devi's surgery

    Karan Singh Grover recalled his wife Bipasha Basu's strength and resilience during their toddler daughter Devi's open heart surgery. 

    Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu with Devi

    Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu with Devi

    Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover had to go through a tumultuous time when their toddler daughter Devi was born with two holes in her heart and needed emergency open-heart surgery. Karan recalled how difficult that phase was for them in a recent interview. He also hailed his wife’s strength and courage, giving him hope to go through that situation.

    Talking about the same, in an interview with India Today while promoting his recently released film Fighter, Karan remembered how difficult it was for him to go shoot for the ariel actioner since his daughter’s diagnosis happened during the same time. He said, “(At the) beginning of every schedule, I felt like not going to work because it was very serious and to be away was very difficult. Also, I did not handle it very well. I was like water on the floor. I think it's because of Bipasha that I got the strength to kind of go through that and still be here. I really felt like, for me, death would be easier than going through that.”

    Karan praised his wife Bipasha’s mental strength and resilience when they were supposed to hand over their daughter to the doctors for her surgery. The Dil Mil Gaye actor called her a lioness. He said, “At one point, I remember when we were at the hospital, and we were supposed to give Devi to the doctors, I just couldn't. I was like, ‘no’. it felt like I didn't have any hands or legs or feet or face. My wife is a lioness, she's a super strong person, but then as soon as she became a mother, she was a freaking God. She is something else. Also, thanks to all the surgeons."

    Earlier in Neha Dhupia’s chat show, Bipasha had first opened up about Devi’s surgery. The Race actress had broken down and her gut-wrenching experience found solidarity with many mothers. However, Devi being the little warrior that she is has now recovered and is the apple of her parent’s eye.