Nawazuddin Siddiqui expresses his struggle involving ex-wife Aaliya, says 'people are really enjoying my character assassination'

    In the new post, Nawazuddin replied to every accusation levelled against him in detail. “This is not an allegation but expressing my emotions, “ he captioned the post.


    Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has finally opened up about his ongoing dispute with his ex-wife Aaliya. In a long post on Instagram, he stated how his silence has played out against him and he is being called a bad guy everywhere. He said how people are enjoying his character assassination on the basis of the one-sided story and manipulated video.

    For the unversed, Aaliya has recently accused the actor of throwing her and the kids out of his house. It’s been a month that Aaliya has been sharing videos claiming that he and his mother mistreated her and the children. She also added that she has been struggling financially as the actor has not provided her with enough resources. In the new post, Nawazuddin replied to every accusation levelled against him in detail. “This is not an allegation but expressing my emotions, “ he captioned the post.

    He began by saying that he kept silent because of his children. “I am termed as a bad guy everywhere because of my silence. The reason I have kept quiet is because all this tamasha will somewhere be read by my small children. Social Media Platforms, Press & A bunch of people are really enjoying my character assassination on the basis of one sided & manipulated videos. There are few points, I would like to express - First of all, me and Aaliya do not stay together since several years, we are already divorced but we definitely had an understanding only for our kids. Does anyone know, why my kids are in India and not attending school for 45 days, wherein the school is sending me letters everyday that it’s been too long an absence. My kids have been made hostage for past 45 days & are missing their schooling in Dubai,” he wrote.

    He further detailed all the finances and expenses he takes care of for Aaliya and his children. He said that his estranged wife is being paid approx 10 lakhs per month for the past 2 years and 5-7 lakhs per month before moving to Dubai with my children, excluding the school fees, medical, travel, and other leisure activities. He said that he helped her set up an income stream by investing crores of rupees and also given luxurious cars. “She only wants more money and hence has filed numerous cases on me and my mother & it’s her routine, she has done the same in the past too, and withdraws the case when paid as per her demand,” he added.

    Regarding all the fuss about the entry into the house, Nawaz clarified, “Whenever my children came to India during their vacation, they used to stay with their grandmother only. How could anyone throw them out of the house? I myself was not in the house during that time. Why didn’t she make a video of being thrown out, whereas she makes video of every random thing. She has dragged the kids in this drama and she is doing all this to simply blackmail me, malign my reputation, her intent to spoil my career, and fulfil her illegitimate demands.”

    Towards the end of the post, Nawazuddin admitted that whatever he is earning today is all for his two kids. He will go to any extent to secure their well-being and their future. “I have won all the cases so far and will continue to place my faith in the judiciary. Love is not to hold one back, but to let one fly in the right direction,” he signed off. Meanwhile, on the work front, Nawazuddin will be seen in Kangana Ranaut’s production venture, Tiku Weds Sheru. He also has Afwaah, Jogira Sa Ra Ra, Haddi , and Noorani Chehra among others in the pipeline.