Netflix announces exciting anime series Terminator Zero | Here is everything you need to know

    Helmed by Masashi Kudo, Terminator Zero is an anime series set in Japan

    Terminator Zero

    Terminator Zero

    Terminator fans are in for a treat as OTT platform Netflix has announced the launch of their new anime series, Terminator Zero, based on the iconic Terminator franchise. Helmed by Masashi Kudo, the time-travel anime series is set in Japan. Will humanity be saved from the evil clutches of AI is the basic plotline of the series.

    Terminator Zero plotline

    Helmed by Masashi Kudo, Terminator Zero follows two timelines, the first is in 1997 when an AI entity Skynet has gained self-awareness, and the other is in 2022 when there is a prolonged conflict between humans and AI. To resolve the conflict, a soldier is sent back in time to alter humanity’s destiny and meets Malcolm Lee, a scientist who created a new AI to counter Skynet.

    Terminator Zero was developed and executively produced by Mattson Tomlin. Speaking about the narrative of the series, Tomlin said, “I knew that I wanted to tell a time-travel story, and I knew I wanted to tell an almost Godfather-like multi-generational saga that would ultimately follow this family with these kids.”

    The synopsis of the series reads, “As Malcolm navigates the moral complexities of his creation, he is hunted by an unrelenting assassin from the future which forever alters the fate of his three children.”

    Terminator Zero introduces new faces

    The series is set within the already-established universe of James Cameron’s iconic franchise. However, rather than focusing on the familiar faces from the franchise, the anime series will introduce new faces to the Terminator universe.

    Tomlin earlier revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the series is set in Japan to have some kind of Japanese connection. He said, “I was aware that there aren't really guns in Japan, and I don't think I quite appreciated how real that was.”

    The anime series is produced by Production IG Studios and Skydance Animation. The series is assumed to be drawing inspiration from the original Terminator films and Production IG's previous work on Ghost in the Shell and Haikyu!! All eight episodes will be globally released on the same date with hopes of creating more seasons in the future.