Spider-Man: No Way Home swings past the competition to earn $1.5 billion at the box-office


    Spider-Man: No Way Home swings past the competition to earn $1.5 billion at the box-office

    The latest entry in the Spider-Man franchise has shattered expectations and grossed over 1.5 billion worldwide

    Spider-Man: No Way Home swings past the competition to earn $1.5 billion at the box-office

    Spider-Man: No Way Home has gone on to become the 8th highest-grossing movie of all time. Despite the global pandemic and the lack of a release in China, the Tom Holland starrer has continued to dominate the box -office worldwide.

    Beating movies like Furious 7, Frozen 2, and even the MCU's Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, the movie grossed over $97 million in its fourth week.

    The return of previous Spider-Man actors Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire also played a big part in the success of the movie.

    Spider-Man: No Way Home is proof that audiences will return to movie halls if they for the right movies.

    If Spider-Man: No Way Home continues its run, there is a possibility that it will go from its current rank of 8 to the 6th highest-grossing movie.

    Spider-Man: No Way Home is co-produced by Marvel and Sony and is directed by Jon Watts, the success of the movie will no doubt encourage the two studios to work together in the future.

    The cast of the movie includes Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alfred Molina, Willem Dafoe, and Jamie Fox

    Sony now holds the answer to the future of the Spider-Man franchise. The questions raised with the ending of No Way Home still haven't received an official response from the studio while queries mount about the character's future in the MCU, Tom Holland's return and even anticipation around Andrew Garfield's as everyone's favorite web-slinger. 

    During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Holland had spoke about returning as Spider-Man and said, "There have been conversations about the future of Spider-Man. Whether it will be with me, I’m not too sure yet. Maybe I’ll be a producer or something, I don’t know. But I do know that I love this character and I would be sad to say goodbye, but I have achieved basically everything I wanted to achieve as this character. I really think I’m gonna win the Oscar for this movie, so that’s great. So, I’m ready. I’m ready to say goodbye.”

    However, producers at Sony have hinted on another trilogy in the works with the actor. 

    The events of No Way Home have set the stage for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which will be releasing this year on May 6 and also stars Elizabeth Olsen. 

    Updated: January 11, 2022 05:18 PM IST
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