Have To Keep The Voice Tip-Top To Keep The Hits Coming: Armaan Malik Jokes As He Reveals The Rigours Of Being A Singer

Singer Armaan Malik is very particular when it comes to keeping enough time between his live shows and studio recordings. The 22-year-old who has sung hits such as Besabriyan (M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story), Bol Do Na (Azhar, 2016) says that does he not want to risk his voice when he is about to record a song for an album or an upcoming film.

“I don’t keep a live show just a day or two days before I have to record a song because it’s [his voice] not in the best condition. I don’t want a croaking voice when I am going to a studio,” he says. “Your vocal condition has to be top notch for recording. After I am done with a song, and that becomes a hit, that’s how I will get live shows, right?” laughs Armaan.

With the help of singer-composer Salim Merchant, Armaan has been able to learn certain techniques to protect his voice from over-exertion. “Salim sir has been my mentor. One of the many things he told me is that the microphone that I am singing in is supposed to do the amplification and not me. I mean, when you see the audience getting energised and singing loudly, you get that adrenaline rush, and you want to scream like them and give them more. When you do that, you don’t realise how much damage you have done to your voice and to your throat,” he says.

One would think that Armaan would go to after parties after a concert, but that’s not the case. “ Many people think that I would go hit the club with my friends after the concert. What they don’t know is that If I do that, I go to a club, which is playing loud music, I will have to talk over the music. Which means that I will be putting more strain on my throat, just after I have done a live show. That’s why I go straight home, where there’s complete silence, and I can relax,” he says.

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