Bigg Boss 11 Episode 5 Updates: Fights Fights And More Fights

This year, the contestants failed to make even the most loyal viewers enthusiastic about Bigg Boss 11. But slowly they are getting a grip on the developments. They have started to pick fights even when there is no need just to keep themselves in the eyes of the viewers.

Shilpa Shinde tops such contestants. Every now and then, she is rubbing the fellow housemates the wrong way. TV producer Vikas remains on her radar, especially when everyone nominated her for eviction this week. She received the highest number of votes during nominations.

She created quite a scene when a cold-hit Vikas wanted tea. Shilpa, like a totally insensitive person, put ‘dirty ginger’ in his tea. Of course, this started a fresh round of shouting and screaming where none of them seemed to buzz off.

Not everything is well between Hina Khan and Arshi Khan. Hina, who is slowly positioning herself as a top contender for the post of house captain, got really pissed off with Arshi who tried to be physical with her.

In fact, Hina had to warn Arshi about the rules of the house and how contestants can’t touch each other. But Arshi isn’t the one to care about such threats. As expected, their fight continued.

For the time being, Hiten Tejwani appears to be the sanest contestant. His popularity on the small screen makes him one of the prominent participants this season.