Bigg Boss 11 Episode 5 Preview: Tea, Suitcases And Screaming

Alright, we’ll say it clearly. Shilpa Shinde is the most irritating contestant on Bigg Boss 11 and it took us only four episodes to arrive at that conclusion. She is making life hell for Vikas Gupta and bringing out the worst in him as well.

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 5 Preview: Tea, Suitcases And Screaming

On Friday’s episode, which will air half an hour early at 10pm, Shilpa throws ‘filthy ginger’ in Vikas’ tea who has a bad cold. He gets so infuriated at her, he goes to the luggage room and pours the same cup of tea into her suitcase. Her clothes get drenched but when she enters the room, she doesn’t look bothered at all. She instead says to herself out loud, “Mujhe toh chai mein ganda adrak daal ke bada maza aaya.”

When Vikas enters the room, she begins singing another self-composed song about chillies and began dancing to the same old irritating ‘bang bang’ anthem and knocks over a suitcase that hits Vikas. And so begins yet another episode of screaming and swearing.

In another corner of the house, Arshi Khan decides to use more than her fair share of milk from the store, just to piss people off. Everyone, especially Hina, tells her to consider others as well and not use things that are intended for everyone. But good luck making Arshi see logic. She even pours a big wad of turmeric into the milk just to make it utterly unusable for everyone.

Later, Hina is visibly very angry at Arshi and says that she will be thrown out just like host Salman Khan threw out Priyanka Jagga last season. ‘Don’t touch me a third time. You’ll be thrown out,’ Hina says to Arshi who doesn’t budge and even throws away Hina’s blanket.