15 Actresses And The Number Of Years They Have Spent In Bollywood Will Certainly Take You By Surprise!

There are certain actors in Bollywood we have grown up watching and now are a part of memories that sometimes make us nostalgia and even look back awestruck at the years gone by. It seems like only yesterday that we saw Sonam and Deepika making their debuts in Bollywood for instance, but a decade has passed seeing them and admiring the new wave starred in Bollywood. Likewise, it has been many years seeing Kajol in the movies, getting married, taking a break and coming back to the movies.

Bollywood though has undergone some major changes in the kind of films that are made and the kind of films our favorite stars have been doing. Even though the career of an actress is way shorter than that of an actor, the number of years these actresses have spent working in films will certainly put you in a retrospective mood.

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