Department: Reviews and why you should NOT watch it!

Department: Reviews and why you should NOT watch it!Many, and I mean MANY of us were excited for Ram Gopal Varmas Department to release this Friday, hoping that the once phenomenal director would entertain us again. Sadly, the excitement has turned into disappointment. Heres quoting a few of our MJs on why you should NOT watch Department, EVER. Kshitij:This one makes RGV is Aag look like The Dark Knight.Tight shots of an unshapely Sanjay Dutt. These include crotch-shots, leg-shots.An item number that will send a shiver down your spine. I havent seen anything this cringeworthy since Kaanta Laga. Nathalia Kaur gyrating in her nothings. Literally. Ankur:Department does absolutely nothing but defame him [RGV] further as the master of film-killing.The camera in this film has more personality than the film itself and is popularly the title character of the film.Theres absolutely nothing other than substandard entertainment of the C-grade variety to endure.Most of the characters merely speak their lines with no conviction to back it up. Read their full reviews here: