Domestic Violence Case Filed Against Sanjeeda Sheikh And Her Family

In what may come as shocking news to you, Zakerabanu Zakir Hussain Bagban, who is the sister-in-law of popular TV actress Sanjeeda Sheikh, has filed a domestic violence case against her husband Anas Abdul Rahim Sheikh on torturing her. Anas Abdul Rahim Sheikh is Sanjeeda’s brother. Zakerabanu has filed a case against Anas and her in laws under section 25 of CrPC.

According to reports in Mumbai Mirror, the 22-year-old Zakerabanu stated, “They often demanded money from my father and would beat me up. My husband is alcoholic, a drug addict and is also involved in match-fixing.” She is staying at her parents’ home in Ahmedabad for the past three months.  

The report also stated that while Zakerabanu was talking to her father over phone on May 27, Sanjeeda, her brother and their mother started shouting at her. They also beat her up and said that they do not want her to stay with them in Mumbai anymore. It was then that she flew off to Ahmedabad and was admitted to a hospital.

“It was the final straw when Anas raised his hand on me in the presence of my mother and sister in their Mumbai home. I was hospitalised after that in Ahmedabad. I was told at the time of our marriage that he is in the construction business but he is mostly home,” said Zakerabanu in a report in Mumbai Mirror. She further said that ever since she went to Ahmedabad, her in laws have not visited her even once.

The reports in the leading tabloid also reported that Sanjeeda Sheik and her family have filed a petition that quashes Zakerabanu’s allegations. The petition stated that Zakerabanu did not have a good relationship with her father because of his orthodox nature, which made it difficult for her to adjust to her in laws’ liberal environment. Moreover, it stated that on the day when the incident took place, Zakerabanu was not feeling well. She said that she had quit the training institute where she was training at. On that day, Sanjeeda was not at home and was busy shooting for her projects.

Hearing both sides, looks like that court is in favour of Sanjeeda’s family. “The Hon’ble Court has passed an order in favour of my client by stating that the investigating agency should not take any coercive steps against her. In other words, the Hon’ble Court accepted our submission that the FIR is baseless, bad in jurisdiction and merely filed to harass my client,” told Sanjeeda’s lawyer to Mumbai Mirror. 

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Domestic Violence Case Filed Against Sanjeeda Sheikh And Her Family