‘It Is Never A Great Idea to Work with Your Wife’, Says Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have worked together in few films like Kurbaan, Agent Vinod, Happy Ending, Tashan and Omkara, but none of the film outshined at the box office. Even the couple failed to impress the audiences with their chemistry. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actress has been lucky for many other celebrities, especially the Khans, with whom she has delivered blockbuster films.

‘It Is Never A Great Idea to Work with Your Wife’, Says Saif Ali Khan

Source: indianexpress.com

The Phantom actor said in a statement, “It is never a great idea to work with your wife now. You have to choose. It’s nice to come home and live with her and work with other people. At least that way there will be a certain amount of freshness in both your personal and professional life. Things might get monotonous otherwise”.

The Race actor also said, “Some people just have a great chemistry onscreen while some don’t. May be it is in the script. Also the kind of films we did were ill-fated and they were slightly ill-conceived. There are many things that go into it. I think it is a shame because she is a lovely actress and I would love to work with her”.

Here are more stills from the movies Saif and Kareena did together.