Manoj Bajpayee To Interact With Fans At Facebook Headquarters

Actor Manoj Bajpayee has been invited to the Facebook Headquarters to interact with fans in San Jose, United States. “This will be my first visit at the Facebook Headquarters, I have heard a lot about it and will soon see it. I am looking forward to spending some pleasant time with some wonderful people,” says Bajpayee.

The actor will then travel to California, where he has been invited by Festival of Globe organisers and will be honoured for his contribution to Indian cinema.

“I am also grateful to receive such an honour from the organisers of the festival in California who are giving me such a great honour and acknowledging my journey. I will be leaving for the festival in the second week of August and it will be a quick journey of around 5-6 days,” says the actor, who was last seen in the film, Sarkaar 3.

Sources close to the actor add, “He will also lead the India Day Parade as the chief guest and grand marshal to mark the landmark 70th independence of India on August 13.”