Sanjay Dutt refuses to work with Ram Gopal Varma

Sanjay Dutt refuses to work with Ram Gopal VarmaMumbai -- RGVs Department flopped at the box-office creating a rift in the entire team. Actor Sanjay Dutt has blamed and refused to work with director Ram Gopal Varma anymore. While addressing the press Dutt said, Hits and flops are a part of the industry. But I really don't know if I shall work with Ramu again. Dharam Oberoi, CEO of Sanjay Dutt Productions, too said, I am sure that I don't want to work with Ramu on any other project in my life. We told Ramu so often those 5D cameras, which he used, are not apt to make a film but to no avail. Ramu just does not listen. Varma reacted to this saying, I don't know what they are thinking and neither do I care... but from my side, I don't want to see the faces of Sanjay Dutt and Dharam Oberoi for the rest of my life.