The power of the pen

The power of the penThe Buddhists believe that one of mans biggest battles through life is when in a situation of power. When well used, you move closer to your salvation, but if misused, you regress backwards rapidly, again battling with your fear and ego. Well some journalists I imagine must be in a spiral backward fall. Its amazing how these journalists use their power to claim to know more about your personal life and relationships than yourself. I wake up time and again with news about me supposedly being on the war path with good friend SRK.One morning, my wife Mehr gets dragged into it with claims of her having a fallout with his wife Gauri, the very same morning itself I hear them, chatting and cracking up about the news. They see the humour I cant and I am envious. I wish I could brush it off like them, but I know when speculation isnt cleared, it invariably leads to a misunderstanding or a viral of some kind these days. At the same time, I realise I have the power too, the same power, the power of the pen, so I use it. There is only love in our hearts for that family and thats the way it will remain. So all those looking for drama... well, sorry to disappoint.