Threatened, but not afraid

Threatened, but not afraidHe may be getting death threats for unmasking the real face of coal mafia in his native town Wasseypur in Anurag Kashyaps Gangs of Wasseypur (GOW), but the films debutant writer-actor Zeishan Quadri is unperturbed. I received a call on June 10. The person told me that Ive brought shame upon Wasseypur by unmasking everything about its gangs, black money, corruption and politics and telling everyone about it through the film, said Quadri, a Mumbai resident now.He even said that I might receive an extortion call soon and Ill never return (alive) from Wasseypur if I ever visit my hometown. But Im not afraid of anyone but God. I am not even taking it seriously, said the 28-year-old, who roamed freely about Connaught Place and came over to HT House on Friday for this interview. Asked if he has sought police protection, he said, No. as I said, Im not afraid.Anurag Kashyap buys his first car Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has bought a car for himself for the first time. "So got my first vehicle that I bought myself, a Mahindra XUV, super and 100 percent Indian. Proud, Kashyap tweeted, adding, It has taken 20 years to be able to buy my first vehicle, had to be an Indian brand.