Actress Ashley Judd Shared Sexism Attack On Her Through Facebook

Hollywood actress Ashley Judd has always had the guts to stand against all odds and especially injustice. The actress claimed that she has been victimised by an employee at the airport. The Divergent actress said that the airport employee's behaviour was sexist as he referred to her as ‘sweetheart’.

Speaking through her camera lens Judd illuminated that she categorises this kind of behaviour as everyday sexism.  She also explained that it is very easy to let go and not to speak up against such gesture, particularly when someone says that they are being polite saying such things.  She said, “I didn't hear him say anything about the attire of any of the other folks in the entire line and I am in one of the most travelled airports in the world”.

The 49-year-old actress went live on Facebook to specify the incident. She recorded, “So I was coming through security and a guy said 'Hey sweetheart', and I said, 'I'm not your sweetheart, I am your client.' So I was already setting a boundary. When I was setting my things out, he said, 'Hey nice dress!”  She further said that there were lots of people surrounding her, wearing different kinds of dresses. 

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Actress Ashley Judd Shared Sexism Attack On Her Through Facebook