Donald Sutherland Gives A Green Signal To 'Ad Astra'

Veteran actor Donald McNichol Sutherland has served the Hollywood industry for over five decades. He has given out some of the most extraordinary performances in films and is a holder of many awards. He now has been taken aboard by James Gray to star in his next, ‘Ad Astra’.

Donald Sutherland is the latest to join the star cast of the film which also includes Brad Pitt, Ruth Negga and Tommy Lee Jones in major roles. The storyline of ‘Ad Astra’, Latin for ‘to the stars’, revolves around Brad Pitt’s character looking for his lost father across galaxies who had disappeared to find answers for the alien space researches. The film involves adventures in the ever so lawless and twisted space.

‘Ad Astra’ makes for the most awaited science-fiction thriller. It is written by Ethan Gross and James Gray. Desimartini wishes that the movie fares well at box office.

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Donald Sutherland Gives A Green Signal To 'Ad Astra'