Fans Enraged By The Casting Process In Angelina Jolie's Upcoming Movie!

American actress, filmmaker and humanitarian Angelina Jolie will be next seen in her upcoming movie titled as ‘First They Killed My Father’. Recently, the Wanted star has fallen into a controversy. The controversy is regarding the casting process for her upcoming movie.

An excerpt from her recent interview with an entertainment magazine regarding her upcoming movie described a game used by casting directors. The game was used to select a child actor for the leading role of Loung Ung. The excerpt described that the game consisted of casting directors placing money in front of kids and asking them that what they needed that money for and then snatch it away to draw out a reaction.

Jolie shared that the girl eventually chosen for the role had become overwhelmed with emotion after the money was taken from her, because she wanted that money to pay for her grandfather’s funeral. The people on the social media were enraged and termed the issue as cruel and exploitative. On facing criticism, Angelina released a statement in which she clarified that her depiction of the casting process has been misinterpreted. The film’s bankroller Rithy Panh stated that the game was based on Ung’s real-life experience, when he was caught stealing. 

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Fans Enraged By The Casting Process In Angelina Jolie's Upcoming Movie!