Motherhood made Miranda Kerr a happy woman

Motherhood made Miranda Kerr a happy womanThe Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr feels motherhood is the bestthing that's ever happened to her as it put the rest of her life into perspective and made hermore comfortable in her own skin. The supermodel, who is raising 14-month-old son Flynnwith husband Orlando Bloom, however, is in no mood to have more kids for the time being,reported Daily Star. "I want to spend as much time with Flynn as I can, and I'd want to put alot of energy into him. He's the most beautiful thing, the best thing that's ever happened tome. It's wonderful," the 28-year-old beauty said. She added, "I'd say what makes me happy ishaving this little man. I'm the happiest when I'm surrounded by those I love and we are in anatural environment. It's the best thing I've ever done. Becoming a mother puts everything intoperspective. You become more comfortable in your own skin," she added.