Our Sherlock Homes is Fed Up of Fans Asking for Selfies

It seems like our very own Sherlock Holmes isn’t a big fan of staying in the limelight. According to a report, actor Benedict Cumberbatch is fed up of people asking him to pose for photos while he is in the middle of a shooting. Our detective doesn’t like to compromise on his work because of his stardom.

While speaking of his new series, The Child in Time, Cumberbatch said, "We had to shoot the supermarket scene early in the morning. We started at 6.30am. It was very difficult for me and running out into a busy street and people going 'Can I have a selfie?' It was hard. I was like 'Not now - go away. Please go away'." Well, his irritation with some nagging fans is pretty evident here. The actor also revealed that when they were shooting along the Embankment in London, it was "like street theatre, it got pretty weird".

The star also spoke about his preference for television series over movies, saying, "The lines are blurred now between the small and big screen." The Imitation Game star, who also plays the role of the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes in the series, Sherlock, clearly doesn’t enjoy entertaining people when he’s working. Let’s leave our ‘Consulting Detective’ to peacefully do his work, shall we? 

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Our Sherlock Homes is Fed Up of Fans Asking for Selfies

Source: www.bbcamerica.com