Playing Catwoman was very tough for Anne Hathaway

Playing Catwoman was very tough for Anne HathawayThe Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway had a tough time during the shooting of her upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises, in which she plays the character of Catwoman. The beauty said she was under a lot of pressure to fulfill the physical demands of her Catwoman character and she fell ill during the making of the Christopher Nolan-directed film, reported Showbizspy. "I didn't realize I was the first and I feel a little nauseous. That is a lot of pressure," she said. "I had always thought I was pretty healthy and I always thought I had worked hard in the gym. It turns out that what I thought was hard, in Catwoman's world is actually light to moderate, the actress said. "So I have had to ratchet everything up. But I have the most incredible stuntwoman in the world and she has got me and the character to another level. I do all sorts of kicks. I do a roundhouse kick, and I think it is all mixed martial arts. And I have been doing it in heels," she added.