Rose McGowan Lashes Out At Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood actress Rose McGowan has criticised Hollywood for its ‘bro’ culture after it came out that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has sexually harassed several women. An article in New York Times has claimed that several women, including actress Ashley Judd, have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment. The article also featured McGowan’s name and said that the producer reached out settlements with at least eight women.

The article in the American daily also stated that Rose McGowan was one of those women who was harassed by Weinstein in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival. When asked from her, she refused to talk about it, but gave a hint that she was harassed by Harvey in the past. Ever since the article came to light, McGowan has been expressive in accusing Weinstein.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the 44-year-old actress said, “Men in Hollywood need to change ASAP. Hollywood’s power is dying because society has changed and grown, and yet Hollywood male behavior has not. It is so not a good look.” She added, “The men of Hollywood need to know they own no woman. The days of Entourage-like behavior and thinking is as dated as your largely bro nature.”

She also asked other women in Hollywood to speak out against him. 

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 Rose McGowan Lashes Out At Harvey Weinstein