Third Oscar shocks Meryl Streep

Third Oscar shocks Meryl StreepLos Angeles, Feb. 28 -- Winning the Academy Award third time at the age of 62 for her role of MargaretThatcher in 'The Iron Lady' has made veteran actor Meryl Streep feel like a child.Streep, who won her last Oscar 30 years ago, was shocked to know that she had won the award againas the actor thought she was too old and jaded for it. "I thought I was so old and jaded, but it was justthrilling. It's like I was a kid again. I was a kid when I last won. It was 30 years ago. Two of the nomineeswere not even conceived," she said.Though the 'The Iron Lady' has not done very good business at the Box Office and made only $61 millionbut it won many critical acclaims and a multitude of awards -- Academy Award for Best Actress, GoldenGlobe and a BAFTA, E! online reported.