Vanessa Williams on the look out for her Mr. Right

Vanessa Williams on the look out for her Mr. RightTwice divorced and a mother of four, Vanessa Williams, isonce more ready for a relationship. The singer-actress wants to pamper her man bycooking and baking exclusively for him, Contactmusic reported. "I have nothing goingon in my life right now, so I have nothing to be naughty about! But I would love to bein a relationship. I'm a romantic, I love having a partner," Williams said. "I'm one ofthose girls that loves to cook and bake and provide. My home is my sanctuary and I lovemaking my home and my family, my dog, everything, part of my life," the 49-year-oldsaid. Describing about her Mr. right the Kiss of the Spider Woman star said, "He must beavailable, and not afraid of a relationship. Accomplished and not afraid of a woman, whois accomplished as well. There's nothing wrong with being accomplished".