Here's Why Zindagi's Feriha Has Taken Over Indian Television!

    Here's Why Zindagi's Feriha Has Taken Over Indian Television!


    Ever since its launch in June'14, Zindagi Channel has been a pioneer in bringing about a revolution in the Television industry. All the saas and bahus of the households have ditched their very loyal Hindi channels and switched to Zindagi, which has a breed of Urdu and Muslim serials to showcase.

    One such show is the Turkish television drama, Feriha which traces the journey of a beautiful and ambitious lady hailing from a poor family. She's enrolled in an elite university through a scholarship and embarassed by her family background, she lies about her status. Feriha falls for the wealthy playboy, Emir and he reciprocates the feelings unaware of her truth.

    What follows is a roller coaster ride for Emir, Feriha and her family. The show not only focuses on the romantic relationship of the leads but also of Feriha with her housekeeper mother, Zehra who is shown as a constant support and guide in her life. Ofcourse, the show is full of anti-heroes and a few supporting characters who infuse the much needed drama into the story. Every character is well etched out and has something fruitful to offer.

    Despite the typical melodrama, Feriha makes for a refreshing watch and will have you hooked to your TV screens. Not to mention, you just might find yourself drooling over the leads.