5 Indian Singers Who Came To Limelight Via Youtube!

With the advent of social media, things have become easily available. You want something, the web is here to help. While it has its own demerits, there is no denying that such easy availability have also helped so many showcase their talent. It is with web that stand up comedy has gained momentum in India. The content that might get censored on TV can easily be seen on the web and so many varued and fresh series can be easily fouund. Likewise there are so many new talented singers who had become a rage on the web and it was with YouTube that they gained fame and limelight.

Well, here's a list of 5 most popular singers who have come under the spotlight with their Bollywood covers in YouTube:

1. Sanam Puri

This man has magic and so does the band 'Sanam'. Their songs are addictive and Sanam can absolutely soothe your nerves with his magical voice. The band became a YouTube Phenomena with 2.5 subscribers to their channel. Some of their videos even have  30M-40M views! Sanam now is also a Bolllywood playback singer who has given us songs like 'Ishq Bulava'!

2. Jonita Gandhi

her melodious voice has wooed us in so many songs, including the Gilheriyaan song from Dangal. But she came to limelight via her YouTube channel. The singer with a super melodious voice has given some excellent covers including 'Tu Tu Hai Wohi', that has over 13M views!

3. Arjun Kanungo

He had become a YouTube sensation with his songs! He has collaborated with many other singers too like Jonita Gandhi and some of his songs have as many as 22M views! His song features many Bollywood stars like Giselle Monterio and Sonal Chauhan. His songs are characterised by English twist to our desi songs.

4. Shirley Setia

With 1.5 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, she is clearly one of the most loved YouTube singers. She is also a Bollywood playback singer now, with songs like Disco Disco to her kitty! Check out her Sanam Re cover, that has as many as 21M views!

5. Vidya Vox

The student of Carnatic music is the mashup queen who can harmoniously mix a western song with a desi Bollywood 'gaana' or Tamil tunes. Her channel has almost 3.5 M followers with some videos having as many as 30M views! 

And special mention to Dhinchak Pooja whose cringe pop got her fame, thanks to YouTube! Whether she can be called a singer or not is debatable, but she does concerts!