Bigg Boss 10: Is Swami Om Insecure Of Rohan Mehra?

    Bigg Boss 10: Is Swami Om Insecure Of Rohan Mehra?

    Bigg Boss 10: Is Swami Om Insecure Of Rohan Mehra?

    Bigg Boss 10 has now clearly turned into a battle ground, or should we say the real fights and flavour is back. The house stands divided in groups. Swami Om practically has no supporter other than his so called daughter Priyanka Jagga. Rohan's fan base and his popularity is sheilding him and mgiht save him this week. 

    Yesterday, Swami Om delcared that Rohan Mehra is rude and disrespectful. He has always supported him but he doesn't reciprocate the same emotions. Priyanka also thought the same but Lopa got in between and scolded Swami Om for creating unnecessary ruckus. 

    Meanwhile, in a tiff between Swami and Gaurav, as a result of which Gaurav put Swami in Jail along with Lopa who he thinks undeperformed in the BB Taxi task. 

    Bani walks our of press conference 

    Infuriated people of the house met media persons in a press conference later in the evening which turned out to be nothing but a war of words and interruption between Lopa and Bani. They constantly fought and a journalist reminded them of being Gauhar and Tanisha like from the previous seasons of Bigg Boss. Bani who is friends with Gauhar felt honoured to be labelled that way and said she loves her. In the wink of an eye the arguments heated up and Bani walked out of the press conference. 

    She also didn't pay much attention to Gaurav who tried to strike a conversation with her. She was later seen clasping Jason Shah from behind and hugging him at night while the two spoke. 

    In the upcoming episode it's going to be Bani versus Swami Om and things are going to get bitchier! 

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