Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma shaves his head for Hiten Tejwani. See pictures

Bigg Boss broke a thousand hearts on Monday’s episode of the show. Contestant Priyank Sharma shaved his gorgeous head of hair to save Hiten Tejwani from nominations while other contestants had to do similar, daunting tasks to save their friends.

The inmates were asked to take turns on a throne in the garden area and receive calls on a nearby phones from Bigg Boss. When it was Hiten’s turn, Bigg Boss told him that he would be saved only if Priyank shaves his head. Hiten tells Priyank about the condition and he agrees to fulfil to save his friend. Hina Khan brings in the trimmer and shaves his head. Check out his pictures:

Luv Tyagi had to get ‘zero’ tattooed with henna on his face to save Hina while Shilpa Shinde gives up on a chance for immunity because she didn’t want someone to save her. To keep Akash Anil Dadlani safe, Hiten is asked to destroy a family portrait.

Akash who looked up to Shilpa as a mother figure has now turned against her as he could not accept the fact that she and Vikas are now on friendly terms. He lashes out at Vikas and Shilpa saying that they faked and planned their fight from the moment they entered the Bigg Boss house and now they plan to become friends which makes for a perfect love story.