Bollywood Celebrities Who Attended The Wedding Of Their Staff Members

    Bollywood Celebrities Who Attended The Wedding Of Their Staff Members

    Bollywood Celebrities Who Attended The Wedding Of Their Staff Members

    Can you imagine stars like Aamir Khan or Alia Bhatt turning up for your wedding day? If you are anything like us, then you probably don’t. We are used to seeing stars attending the wedding of fellow celebrities or their family, business associates or close friends. All in all, whenever a celebrity is spotted attending a wedding it is usually that of a big shot and not common people.

    However, there are some humble celebrities who happily showed up to the simple weddings of their staffs and did not think it was beneath them to do so. From Alia’s domestic help to Salman’s driver’s son, these celebrities showed their employees the respect they deserve by showing up on their simple weddings.

    Alia Bhatt

    Recently, Alia was spotted attending the wedding of her domestic help. The actress was dressed in a pink salwar and looked cute as ever. She posed with the happy couple who look really excited and happy to have Alia there and you can see the complete bewilderment on the faces of the bride and the groom. We are totally loving Alia for this sweet gesture!

    Aamir Khan

    If you are the superstar Aamir Khan, the time is surely money for you. But taking time out of his busy schedule, Aamir attended the wedding of his assistant Sudhakar which took place 160 kms away from Bangalore in a small village named Channarayapatna. Aamir travelled all the way to the remote village with his wife Kiran Rao to bless the couple and also gifted the newlyweds a swanky car worth Rs. 15 Lakhs.

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

    She might have the image of a diva, but Aishwarya happen to be a humble person too. Recently she was seen attending the wedding of her bodyguard in Mumbai. She not only graced the occasion with her presence but also mingled with the family members of the couple and posed patiently for photographs with everyone.

    Salman Khan

    Bhai has always been known for his humane and warm gesture. Salman treats all his employees like his own family and genuinely cares for them. When his driver, Shankar’s son was getting married, not only Salman but the whole Khan family including Sohail, Arpita, Alvira and Arpita’s little son Ahil all showed up at the wedding. In fact, Salman’s co-star from Tubelight, the adorable Matin Rey Tangu also tagged along