Here Is Why Akshay Kumar Is The Real Vicky Donor Of Bollywood

    Here Is Why Akshay Kumar Is The Real Vicky Donor Of Bollywood

    Here Is Why Akshay Kumar Is The Real Vicky Donor Of Bollywood

    If you have been an ardent fan of Akshay Kumar and has been following his career keenly, you have surely observed that the man loves patterns. Whether its his Khiladi phase or his long affair with Priyadarshan films and or his recent obsession about being the ultimate patriot, the man loves his patterns all most as much as he loves his disciplined life.

    Now we all know that Akki is handsome man who is fit as a fiddle and is proud father to two beautiful kids in his real life and even in films he always paints a picture of being the ultimate picture of ideal manliness and what better way to prove it than with his amazing sterility in films. Have you noticed that so many Akshay Kumar film has him impregnating women before the love montage song of their romance ends? Don’t believe us? We have got proof here!


    The very moment their honeymoon and the song ‘Gila Gila’ ends, the very same moment Kareena Kapoor gives Akshay the good news. No kidding, it is the very same moment.


    Well, Akshay and Kareena’s chemistry in films surely works in a really unique way. The song ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ shows the entire backstory of how Akshay met Kareena, fell in love, got married and then she died. We understand that the song plays out in a time capsule, but their scene of them enjoying ‘marital bliss’ is immediately followed by her getting pregnant.

    Heyy Babby

    Akshay is quite the douche in the film but his swimmers are way worse. So he seduces Vidya Balan in a wedding where the sing a romantic duet and guess what happens by the end of the song. Well, no points for guessing that given Vidya Balan gets pregnant soon after.

    Waqt- A Race Against Time

    Well, we are sure you get the drift. In this film as well their romance and the wedding festivities hardly come to a halt when Akshay announces that he and Priyanka are already expecting.