Weird Decisions That Characters Took In 2018 That We Simply Did Not Understand

    Weird Decisions That Characters Took In 2018 That We Simply Did Not Understand

    Weird Decisions That Characters Took In 2018 That We Simply Did Not Understand

    Life is life and cinema is cinema, and not everything that happens in life can always be reflected in the fictional narrative of cinema. Especially, being massive fans of Bollywood masala movies, we don’t mind putting logic on the back burner once in a while for entertainment.

    But, sometimes, characters do things and make decisions that are so devoid of logic that it simply goes beyond our comprehension. In 2018, these characters from Bollywood films did exactly that.

    Raja Rawal Ratan Singh In Padmaavat

    So you are being held captive by your mortal enemy who plans to capture your wife and kingdom. Your own wife, your soldiers and even the wife of your enemy risks their life to save you. However, before leaving you decide to ‘maaro’ some dialogue and tell your enemy that you are fleeing captivity, because Rajputi ‘aan, baan, shaan’. Who does that?

    Sweety in Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

    If you are a gold digger and you are under the suspicion of the groom’s best friend, what is your goal? Well, it is probably to convince the dude that your intentions are totally noble. Now after you have established that and the dude is finally convinced that you are the right guy for his friend, why on the earth would you go and reveal your true intentions to him? That is not swagger, that is stupidity!

    Amay Patnaik in Raid

    Can someone please, please, please explain to us why a ‘sakht’ tax officer in the middle of a really serious raid, that can literally wipe his career and him off the map, would suddenly go to meet his wife who brings him and his team lunch and break into a romantic number? This question has been keeping me awake at night.

    Adhir in Fanney Khan

    The fact that it was our favorite Rajkummar Rao pulling off this stupidity was honestly more disheartening than the decision. Why on the earth would Adhir go and steal the dog of Baby Singh whom they have kidnapped to keep her company? Have you totally lost it?

    Jasmeet and Param in Namastey England

    To be perfectly honest, Param and Jasmeet in the film do not take a decision that is wiser than the decision to watch the movie. However, one that stands out is actually the basic premise of the film. If you do not want your parents to know that you have a career that they do not approve off you do not have to move to London from Punjab for the same. Just moving to Mumbai or Delhi would have sufficed na? Then the whole visa hoopla would have never happened in the first place. How could they not think about this simple solution?