Bigg Boss 15 Grand Premiere Highlights: Salman presents 13 contestants to the audience before their jungle journey begins

    Bigg Boss 15 Grand Premiere Highlights: Salman presents 13 contestants to the audience before their jungle journey begins

    Bigg Boss 15 Grand Premiere Highlights

    Bigg Boss 15 Grand Premiere Highlights: Salman presents 13 contestants to the audience before their jungle journey begins

    Host and superstar Salman Khan began the 15th and much awaited season of Bigg Boss with a dhamaakedaar performance on ‘Jungle hai aadhi raat hai’. He introduced himself as the Tiger of the jungle and went on to give the audience a tour of the jungle themed house. Without wasting any time, Bollywood’s Bhaijaan then announced that the first contestant to enter the house is Jay Bhanushali. Check out all the highlights right here!

    Salman went inside to meet Jay and took him on a tour of the house. When asked which animal he considers himself to be, the actor said ‘sher’. Jay then shared that he doesn’t like being touched and also revealed that if anyone messes with him, he will get physical. Salman also showed the real BB house, but told him that he will have to go through the jungle first along with other housemates.

    This time, instead of going one by one and increasing the suspense, Salman introduced all the housemates at once! Kind of. The celebrity contestants came together on the BB stage for a stellar performance. However there is a twist. All the celebs had different masks on their faces. Salman then decides to introduce the contestants one by one but first calls on stage his assistant, Big G-- a man dressed in a gorilla suit.

    Actor Vishal Kotian is the second contestant to meet Salman. He entered in style, flaunting his physique and quirky outfit, with a total Ranveer Singh vibe! He called Salman his ‘Dronacharya’ and talked about his struggles in life. Vishal grew up watching films and is in awe of Salman. He joked that he feels like Deepika Padukone and can hear ‘Aankho mein teri’ playing in the background. In the jungle, he plans to do ‘mangal’. Salman made Vishal meet ‘awesome mirror’, in which celebs will find out which animal they are like. Vishal is revealed to be like an elephant.

    Salman introduced Vishal to his saathi-- Tejasswi Prakash. The actress danced as she came out of the cage on stage and revealed that ‘haathi’ is her favorite animal. When Salman asked if she is going to leave Vishal behind in the game, she made it clear that she’s going to be the winner of Bigg Boss 15. Tejasswi explained that she is going to give the reality show her best and will try to win. The actress revealed her jungli quality is ‘bhook’ to win the trophy. The second bhook is ‘khaane ki bhook’! Tejasswi also shared that she has a ‘wound’ after losing the last reality show that she was a part of, so she hopes to win this one. While Vishal will do ‘mangal’ in the jungle, Tejasswi plans to do ‘dangal’! The awesome mirror told Tejasswi that from within she is like a parrot aka ‘popat’. As a parrot, the actress predicted that this season Salman’s favorite contestant will be Tejasswi.

    Tejasswi asked Salman to send her ice cream secretly when he sends food to the Bigg Boss house on weekends. Things then got serious as their journey in the jungle began with a task on stage! They were blindfolded and got to eat raw veggies. The task was simple-- they had to guess the food. Tejasswi won by a point after guessing brinjal, cabbage, pumpkin and bitter gourd. She got to make her survival kit by picking stuff out on stage. Big G presented the two with lanterns and then Tejasswi entered the house.

    Meanwhile, Vishwa Suntree asked Jay to wear the headphones and asked how he liked the house. She introduced herself as the queen of the magical jungle. Jay called her voice ‘hot’ and said he can flirt with her and even his wife won’t mind. Tejasswi entered the BB15 house and met Jay. She was shocked to see that the bathroom could not be used and the main house was out of bounds. Jay, on the other hand, was surprised to see that she got a survival kit. He introduced her to Vishwa Suntree. As Vishal lost the task, he had to take another road into BB house. His path was like a mini game show in itself where he had to pass obstacles and cross hurdles. 

    On stage, Salman welcomed the 4th contestant-- Udaan actress Vidhi Pandya. She requested the superstar not to scold her on Weekend Ka Vaars and then told the audience a little bit about herself. Vidhi called herself a little lazy and shared that she is not very interested in getting dressed up and looking into mirrors. She then met the awesome mirror, which revealed that she is like a Panda. The next contestant was Simba Nagpal, who called himself a cub in front of sher Salman. He said he is a calm individual, but does not like to be messed with. The awesome mirror called him a lion.

    For their task, they had to act as if Vidhi is Salman’s friend and Simba has eloped with her. They put up a fun dramatic show where Salman stole the show. He acted angry but then joked that they can go for their honeymoon. The superstar told them that they will have to take the ‘mangal road’ and none of them got survival kits because they both lost. They were welcomed by Jay, Tejasswi and Vishal's dance performance on 'saajan ji ghar aaye'. When Vidhi asked if Vishwa Suntree is Rekha ji, the latter said that she doesn’t talk to everybody and stopped replying.

    The next contestant to grace the stage was Umar Riaz, brother of Bigg Boss 13 runner up Asim Riaz. He revealed that he used to dance on Salman’s songs when he was little and never thought they would meet one day. When asked if he plans to be Asim Riaz 2.0, Umar said no. He explained he will give his 100% to the show and after the season ends, people will call him ‘Bigg Boss 15 ka Umar’.

    Asim joined Salman and Umar on stage and revealed that Umar was a little nervous before entering the show. He explained that the game is about action-reaction. Throughout, Salman mimicked Asim and reminded fans of their beloved Bigg Boss 13. Asim wished Umar luck and left. Ieshaan Sehgal came on stage as the new contestant. While Umar was called a bull by the mirror, Ieshaan turned out to be a different kind of ‘saand’. 

    Up next, Donal Bisht gave a sizzling performance before joining Umar, Ieshaan and Salman. Salman teased the boys for flirting with her and asked them to guess what animal she is like from within. While Umar called her a pigeon, Ieshaan referred to her as a butterfly. Salman decided to give her the survival kit if she properly judged a dangal between the two boys. During the task, Umar and Ieshaan got into a war of words. Umar entered the show first without a survival kit. As Donal declared Ieshaan the winner, the two got to make survival kits before entering Bigg Boss 15 house in a jeep. During the jeep ride, Ieshaan stated that Umar is lucky they are on Bigg Boss. Is this the beginning of the first rivalry in season 15?

    Naagin singer Akasa was the next contestant. When asked how she will survive in the jungle, she shared that she can’t live without her phone. But she plans to make Bigg Boss her BFF and will make vlogs through him. Through the awesome mirror she found out that her inner animal is a cat. Up next, Karan Kundrra graces the stage.

    Salman introduced Karan as the rockstar of television. Karan shared that he is ready to mingle! During a task, Karan revealed that he has been hurt each time he loved someone and also shared that anger is not good, but sometimes it is justified. The awesome mirror later called Karan a wolf! Akasa and Karan then fought for the survival kit by playing a game of twister. The singer won and got to pick 8 items from the bazaar. Karan, on the other hand, had to take the ‘mangal road’. Donal and Ieshaan, on the other hand, have reached the real jungle.

    Afsana Khan made a musical entry into Bigg Boss 15. She grooved to her popular track Titliaan, before greeting Salman. Seeing her decked up in gold, the host sang ‘sona sona baba’ from Biwi No.1. Afsana revealed that she was going to get married but her fiancé told her to go compete in BB first. The singer also shared that she got sick recently because she was away from her fiancé and asked Salman how he can live without love and without getting married. When Afsana stood in front of the awesome mirror, it was revealed that her inner animal is a monkey.  

    Afsana was joined by two more contestants on stage-- Miesha Iyer and Sahil Shroff. While Afsana revealed that her temper is out of control, Miesha said her jungle quality is being unpredictable. Sahil, on the other hand, said he attacks after looking at everything through his peripheral view. Miesha’s inner animal was revealed to be a puppy whereas Sahil turned out to be a cheetah. The three then gave a jungli pariksha for the survival kit, which Sahil won.

    As the episode came to an end, we got a glimpse of the second half of the Bigg Boss 15 premiere night, which will air on television tomorrow. Ranveer Singh and Mouni Roy will join Salman on the stage as guests. That’s not all! Bigg Boss OTT contestants Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhatt and Pratik Sehajpal will also make their grand entry on the reality show.

    Well, after being officially introduced to all the contestants of Bigg Boss 15, who have you picked as your favorite?

    Updated: October 03, 2021 03:10 AM IST
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