6 Things That Indian Television and GoT Has In Common

So, you fans of GoT, you think the show is all and unique and look down upon Indian serials? How about we tell you that when it comes to drama Game of Thrones and Indian tele-series has much more in common than you can think of.

 6 Things That Indian Television and GoT Has In Common

Coming back to life

No not the Pink Floyd song, but really coming back to life after being dead. Remember how Jon Snow was brought back to life (If it is still a spoiler for you, you deserve it) after the brothers of the Night's Watch killed him. One might say it was a major plot twist, but one cannot disagree that fans of Jon Snow had a big part to play in forcing the makers to get him back. Rewind a few years, remember a certain Mihir Virani from a certain Kyunki Saans Bhi Bahu Thhi and fans literally writing letters to the makers to bring him back after his death? You get the drift.

Plastic Surgery

Come to think of it, the cult of the Faceless Men has been operative in Indian tele-industry for long. Arya donning the face of Walder Frey would not have shocked an ardent Indian soap fan. We have been introduced to the concept of changing faces with plastic surgery from the heydays of Ekta Kapoor's K-Serials.

Vows and Promises

We mere mortals might break our promises as long frequently as we break biscuits, but not our favorite characters from GoT or for that matter Indian serials. Gosh! They make promises and vows too seriously. Whether it's Ned Stark, Brienne of Tarth or our very own Tulsi, Parvati and Prerna they have all at some point made their lives miserable and difficult trying to be too honorable and deliver on the promises and vows they took.


Whether it is Bollywood, Indian television or Game of Thrones, revenge has been the single most compelling driving force for the character. Stark children avenging the death of their parents, Cersei avenging her humiliation and the death of her children or Durga in Ek Hasina Thi avenging her sister's rape, all major plot points are shaped by the 'baadle ki bhavna'.

Family Relationship

So at one point in Game of Thrones, Cersei was the mother-in-law and would be sister-in-law of Margaery Tyrell, when she was about to marry Margaery's brother, Sir Loras Tyrell, which would make Joffrey, her actual son some sort of would be brother-in-law of her's and Joffrey's ex-fiancee was married to his maternal uncle. While such convoluted family relationships would have thrown others off guard, our training with Indian television had made us wiser. It is a cakewalk for us given we could keep a track of all the members of Virani Pariwar or the three sisters and their husbands in Kasam Se.


Giving how the character of Mellisandre is probably coming to an end on GoT, the Red Priestess can consider a career on Indian television. She can use her dark arts to help poor Simar or Shivangi in their day to day adventures with supernatural powers. We all know how badly they need help and how seamlessly Mellisandre will fit in the scheme of things on Indian television the Indian tv is dark and full of supernatural occurings.