Pooja Kumar happy to get meaty role in Viswaroopam

Pooja Kumar happy to get meaty role in ViswaroopamNew comer Pooja Kumar, who is wishing to make it big in the film industry with megastar Kamal Haasans upcoming film Viswaroopam, says for her what is more important than the big names is the challenge that a role poses for her as an actress. She is very happy to get such a substantial role in a male-dominated film industry. "It is not often that the plot of Indian films unfurl through the point of view of the heroine. But Kamal sir's films have always had strong female characters and this film is also about the internal journey of Nirupama," Puja said. Talking about her character in the film, the actress said, she plays Nirupama, a nuclear oncologist in India, who marries Viswanath, who is a Kathak dance teacher in the US, but after enduring three years of this marriage of convenience she decides to split from her husband. To make her case strong, Nirupama hires a detective to rake up some dirt in her husband's character and thus the real story begins and the terrorism angle come into this seemingly domestic relationship tale. Revealing further, the heroine said, "Well, that is where the real brilliance of the script lies in. Kamal sir's films always have subtexts within subtexts and you'll have to watch the movie to find out how the tale of Nirupama and Viswanathan ties in with burning global issues like terrorism and world peace". However, she dismisses the rumours that the film is based on James Cameron's True Lies. "Such comparisons always arise, but having read the script of the film, I can safely say that the plot is certainly something that hasn't been attempted in Indian cinema, or world cinema, for that matter," she insists.