Bloody Daddy Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor's intense act and slick action sequences form the main highlight


    Bloddy Daddy

    An NCB officer finds himself in a precarious position when his son is kidnapped by a drug kingpin on his quest to bust a racket. He race against time to save his son and also finds a mole within the system.

    Director :
    • Ali Abbas Zafar
    Cast :
    • Shahid Kapoor,
    • Ronit Roy,
    • Sanjay Kapoor,
    • Diana Penty,
    • Rajeev Khandelwal,
    • Vivan Bhatena,
    • Ankur Bhatia
    Genre :
    • Action
    Language :
    • Hindi
    Platform :
    • Jio Cinema
    Bloody Daddy Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor's intense act and slick action sequences form the main highlight
    Updated : October 20, 2023 05:29 PM IST

    This adaptation of the 2011 French film Sleepless Night has Shahid Kapoor channeling his inner John Wick and getting himself ‘bloody’ on a quest to save his son from the baddies. While director Ali Abbas Zafar manages to create an adrenaline-rushing backdrop adorned with slick and dexterous action sequences, the movie falters when it comes to profound character developments and giving a sharp edge to the screenplay. Nevertheless, Bloody Daddy proves to be an honest attempt to provide a deft crime-actioner.

    The plot revolves against the backdrop of COVID-19 around Sumair (Shahid Kapoor), an NCB official who is also working as an undercover agent to bust a drug racket that also has roots within the system. He manages to retrieve cocaine worth crores in a shootout along with his colleague Jaggi (Zeishan Qadri). Only the cocaine belongs to a dreaded gangster cum hotelier Sikander (Ronit Roy). He kidnaps Sumair’s son in exchange for his cocaine. While Sumair races against time to save his son, he also has to deal with police officers Sameer (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Aditi (Diana Penty) who suspect him to have ulterior motives. A vicious drug racket, a mole within the system, and a vindictive father, all intertwined, form the main crux of Bloody Daddy.

    The main highlight of Bloody Daddy is that it stays true to its genre. Ali Abbas Zafar successfully churns out a faced-paced action flick with no-nonsense fights, badass encounters, and the characters getting down to business without wasting time. There are some action sequences especially taking place in the kitchen of the seven-star hotel and with Shahid Kapoor gatecrashing a wedding to prove a point that looks razor-sharp and astute. The fans of all-time iconic actioners like John Wick, Pulp Fiction, and Mission Impossible will definitely strike a chord with the movie.

    However, where the movie falters is in its character development and the plotline getting jumbled up, especially during the climax. Even though the objectives of some characters essayed by Sanjay Kapoor, Rajeev Khandelwal, and Diana Penty are clear, their character development coupled with their actions does not make us strike a chord with them. The revelations of the betrayals and the moles within the department which should add a stark suspense value look rather lousy and predictable. Sumair’s ex-wife is reduced to just a cribbing character than a mother who is genuinely concerned for her son. The writing by Ali Abbas Zafar and Aditya Basu tries to give a galvanizing experience with its web of crime, drugs, violence, betrayal, and an emotional aspect between a father and a son. But a sharper edge to the supporting characters coupled with a honed screenplay would have worked better for Bloody Daddy.

    Talking about the performances, Shahid Kapoor does not falter as the angry and vengeful father. His performance could have become the same old amalgamation of his characters from Kabir Singh, Jersey, and Farzi but the actor strikes a fine balance between the aggressive and the emotionally charged up moments. Some of the scenes with his onscreen son (another fine and promising child actor) are the main highlight of the same. Watch out for the scene where he intimidates Rohit Roy and the baddie squad in the middle of a wedding toast. That was some badass act.

    Apart from Shahid Kapoor, it is Ronit Roy as the menacing Sikander who hits the ball home. He totally does justice as the main antagonist. Ankur Bhatia and Vivan Bhatena as his brothers and accomplices mostly rely on over-the-top villainous facial expressions. Sanjay Kapoor is convincing in his small screentime but a little more edge to his characterization would have proven fruitful. However, Rajeev Khandelwal and Diana Penty are hugely wasted in this one. The lack of development of their characters and their struggle through most of the chase and action sequences do not help either. The only exception is an engaging action sequence in the kitchen between Rajeev and Shahid’s character.

    The background score during the action sequences adds more energy to the scenes but a cameo by Badshah in the song ‘It’s A Vibe’ looks misplaced. The cinematography by Marcin Lascawiec is definitely high wherein the action and chase sequences are flawlessly captured. Lee Whitaker in charge of the stunts also does a commendable job.

    All in all, Bloody Daddy proves to be an entertaining actioner that can be enjoyed as a one-time ride. However, minus some flaws, it could have been savored more. The ending of the film might have hinted at a sequel but that is definitely something we have to wait and watch out for.