Crakk Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal and Arjun Rampal's sasta Squid Game is an avoidable snooze fest



    Sidhu (Vidyut Jammwal) participates in an underground survival game called Maidaan which had cost the life of his brother. Not only does he have to win the show, but also has to unveil the mystery behind his brother's death

    Director :
    • Aditya Datt
    Cast :
    • Vidyut Jammwal,
    • Arjun Rampal,
    • Nora Fatehi,
    • Amy Jackson
    Genre :
    • action
    Language :
    • Hindi
    Crakk Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal and Arjun Rampal's sasta Squid Game is an avoidable snooze fest
    Updated : February 23, 2024 02:45 PM IST

    Logic-defying stunts, cringe dialogues, a cheap amalgamation of Squid Game and Khatron Ke Khiladi, a nonsensical plot, and a laborious climax equals to Crakk. This Vidyut Jammwal starrer had high ambitions when it came to a survivalist drama with an undercurrent of thriller. But the execution and screenplay were not only a snooze fest but also painful for the eyes and the brain.

    The plot revolves around brothers Sidhu aka Sidharth (Vidyut Jammwal) and Nihaal (Ankit Mohan) who earn a living by performing daredevilry and death-defying stunts. However, they both aim to participate in and win an underground survival sports competition called Maidaan which if won can make them overnight millionaires plus attain global fame. However, the defeat in the game will result in almost zero chances of survival. Nihaal soon enters the competition but dies under mysterious circumstances in the final round. When Sidhu gets a chance to participate in the competition, he meets the boss of the arena, Dev (Arjun Rampal) who is much more than what meets the eye. When he comes to know that his brother might have been murdered, Sidhu not only aims to win Maidaan but also finds out who is the reason behind his brother’s death.

    This Aditya Datt directorial hops from one logicless subplot to another just like the main protagonist jumping from one train compartment to the other in his introductory scene. What is the purpose of Maidaan? How easily is a drug racket functioning through this game? Why are the participants ready to risk their lives to win this one? Why is the police investigation to expose Maidaan so laughable? What was Nora Fatehi’s entire purpose in the movie? This film is a messy and painstaking hullabaloo of so many wrongs. You lose the plot (if there is any) way too early, especially in the climax. The one suspense element behind Sidhu’s brother’s death is also predictable and does not come as a surprise. The dialogues are so painful and cringe to watch as a tint of Taporiness is tried to add to them. While the entire film is quite unbearable, the climax becomes laboriously long and you wish to escape from this chaos quite literally.

    Talking about the performances, Vidyut puts his heart and soul into the action sequences and that’s what it is. He struggles in the emotional and comedy scenes, especially with the dialogue delivery. The cringe Tapori dialogues coupled with a blaring ‘Cack Cack’ background score makes it even worse. Arjun Rampal focuses more on flexing those muscles than being a badass villain with the emotion range being pretty much one-note. Nothing is more painful than hearing Amy Jackson’s overly exaggerated Polish accent. What was even Nora doing in the movie? I’m still trying to rake my brain on that one. Jaime Lever is heavily wasted with some of the most bizarre and non-funny dialogues. Only Ankit Mohan seems to do a decent job when it comes to doing justice to his character in the limited screen time.

    Crakk’s background score can be best summarized as blaring noise pollution. The stunt team and the cinematography stand out in some of the scenes. Overall, you can avoid this if you do not wish a ‘crack’ on your mental health.