Fukrey 3 Review: Varun Sharma and Pankaj Tripathi are the stars of this senseless comedy that is pure entertainment


    Fukrey 3

    Hunny, Choocha, Lali and Pandit ji are back with a new supernatural power as they take on Bholi Punjaban in the world of politics

    Director :
    • Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
    Cast :
    • Varun Sharma,
    • Pulkit Samrat,
    • Richa Chadha,
    • Pankaj Tripathi and Manjot Singh
    Genre :
    • Comedy
    Language :
    • Hindi
    Fukrey 3 Review: Varun Sharma and Pankaj Tripathi are the stars of this senseless comedy that is pure entertainment
    Updated : October 20, 2023 05:29 PM IST

    Exactly a decade ago, we first met the OG ‘fukras’-- Hunny aka Pulkit Samrat and Choocha played by Varun Sharma. They were joined by Manjot Singh as Lali and Ali Fazal as Zafar. In order to get easy money they used Choocha’s God gift and reached Richa Chadha aka Bholi Punjaban’s house for investment with Pandit ji, played by the versatile Pankaj Tripathi. In the sequel Choocha began getting ‘Deja Chu’. Fukrey Returns was hilarious but sadly it couldn’t be compared to the original. The third part, however, has successfully managed to recreate the same magic. Read on to know what we thought of Fukrey 3, which has arrived in theatres today.

    The much awaited third installment begins with a recap, which is a great touch by the makers. Coming to the present– Hunny, Lali and Choocha along with Pandit ji are back to being fukras with no sign of Zafar Bhai. Meanwhile Bholi Punjaban is busy climbing up the ladder in politics. One fine day while campaigning for their former enemy, Hunny realizes Choocha could make a better political leader than Bholi and plans a new scheme. A twist ends up with them in South Africa, using Choocha’s ‘Deja Chu’ powers to find a diamond mine. One thing leads to another and they return to India with a new supernatural gift. Will this help Choocha win the elections against Bholi? Or will his love force him to leave the world of politics?

    Well, we aren’t here to give you spoilers! Just an honest review. The performances are unbelievably good, but Choocha and Pandit ji shine brightest. Yes, Pulkit’s charm as Hunny is still very much intact and Lali has a hilarious scene where he makes tea for Bholi. But apart from that, their characters didn’t really get their own track like the first film. Richa was bang on as Bholi Punjaban and won us over once again with her versatility. Her love story with Choocha also went to the next level! Coming back to the stars of the show– Varun’s innocence as Choocha along with his hilarious antics will leave you in splits each time he enters the scene. Pankaj aka Pandit ji flaunting his perfect English speaking skills in front of the fukras is equally hilarious. Also, hats off to the dialogues!

    All in all, Fukrey 3 is a perfect watch for you if you love comedy, need a good laugh and if you are looking to be entertained. The script is well-written considering that the motive was to tickle the audiences’ funny bone. But don’t expect to see any logic or try to make out any sense in Fukrey 3. You can’t even imagine half of these things happening in real life– may it be Choocha’s supernatural abilities or his and Bholi’s entry into politics.

    As we mentioned in the headline, this film is pure entertainment. Dare we say, it’s as good as the first part. For the most part you even forget about Zafar’s character. Until the end, when you really REALLY miss him. Plot twist! But we won’t reveal the details. So if you are a movie buff who is looking to have a good time, book your tickets for Fukrey 3 because these fukras will not disappoint you.