Tiger 3 Movie Review: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's swag fails to save this Diwali dhamaka due to a weak plot


    Tiger 3

    Tiger (Salman Khan) races against time along with Zoya (Katrina Kaif) to foil the devious plans of a former vengeful Pakistani officer Aatish Rehman (Emraan Hashmi). Tiger also has to get rid of the 'traitor' tag looming over his head.

    Director :
    • Maneesh Sharma
    Cast :
    • Salman Khan,
    • Katrina Kaif,
    • Emraan Hashmi,
    • Shah Rukh Khan,
    • Revathi,
    • Kumud Mishra
    Genre :
    • spy actioner
    Language :
    • Hindi
    Tiger 3 Movie Review: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's swag fails to save this Diwali dhamaka due to a weak plot
    Updated : November 19, 2023 12:30 PM IST

    After the humongous success of the 2012 film Ek Tha Tiger and the 2017 movie Tiger Zinda Hain, one had expectations flaring high surrounding the same frenzy and uproar to be repeated when it comes to Tiger 3 which saw a Diwali release today (November 12, 2023). However, unfortunately, this Diwali dhamaka fizzles and how proving to be the weakest movie of the ambitious YRF spy universe. Courtesy, a weak plotline, nonsensical action sequences, too many sub-plots that fail to hold attention, and Salman and Katrina’s half-hearted chemistry and performances.

    The plot revolves around Aatish Rehman (Emraan Hashmi), a vengeful, extremist, and menacing former Pakistani army officer and agent who wants to destroy India specifically raging havoc in Tiger (Salman Khan) and Zoya (Katrina Kaif)’s lives due to personal vendetta. His actions make Tiger an enemy of his own nation after the latter along with Zoya steal Pakistan’s nuclear codes as their son is kept hostage with Rehman. What follows is Tiger and Zoya racing against time to foil Aatish’s plans to become the Grand Vizier of Pakistan even if it means planning the capture and execution of the Prime Minister Of India.

    Director Maneesh Sharma had an ambitious espionage drama churned out wherein the quintessential villain is wronged and is on a quest to destroy India with the RAW agent saving the day with his heroism. If only the execution could have been that slick and entertaining. Instead, we get a laborious and tedious plotline that moves at a snail’s pace. Not only does this add to the length of the movie but there is a lack of engaging elements which were in the previous Tiger movies, War and Pathaan. A treachery within Tiger’s own family is revealed in the most predictable manner and soon comes a series of sub-lots that defy logic and appear to be a snoozefest. A heist scene that involves Salman’s action sequence inside a bell chamber and Katrina’s viral towel fight fails to keep you on the edge. You fail to understand the idiocracy of RAW and the Pakistani government who just become mere spectators to Aatish’s cat-and-mouse chase for Tiger and Zoya. The couple despite performing a devious action for Aatish are able to take RAW agents under their wing by just randomly explaining their cause.

    However, one of the most exasperating sequences is the climax which takes place inside the Prime Minister Of Pakistan House wherein the Prime Minister (Simran) is all set to deliver her speech on the occasion of Independence Day. Tiger and Zoya along with their squad penetrating inside the residence is shown to be a child’s play and the final showdown fails to create a strong soul-stirring impact. While the first half does manage to strike a chord, especially with Zoya’s backstory, the second half badly goes haywire. The only saving grace is the performances and a life-saving cameo (if you know, you know).

    Talking about the performances, Salman does exhibit the swag and charisma that invite whistles and applause but somewhere that vulnerability and charm of the superstar is missing in his act which was very much present in the first two movies. Except for some massy dialogues, he is underutilized in this one. Katrina shines in the action sequences but after that, there is a strict one-note in her performance. Most importantly, the raw and infectious chemistry between Tiger and Zoya is missing from Tiger 3. This is a grave downside since this movie tests their loyalty, love, and support for each other as a couple, parent, and soldier. But it's Emraan who hits the ball out of the park with his role as the antagonist. He is intense, menacing, cold-blooded, and vulnerable in the act. In the supporting star cast, it is Revathi, Kumud Mishra, and Vishal Jethwa who manage to shine. Probably the only highlight of the movie is the blockbuster cameo of Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan in a jail-break sequence. Just as Salman bought the adrenaline rush with his cameo performance, SRK gladly returned the favor. However, the choreography of the action sequence of both the superstars was much more slick and nuanced in Pathaan.

    The songs are extremely underwhelming compared to the stupendous soundtracks of the first two films. Arijit Singh’s Ruaan still manages to strike a chord but is not hugely impressive. All in all, this Salman Khan starrer is a laborious mission to save Pakistan with many underwhelming moments. It unfortunately ruins the legacy of the Tiger franchise. However, do wait for the post-credit scene for a banger.