'I am third fiddle' Pedro Pascal's revealing admission about his Mandalorian performance

    Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal recently made a revealing confession during a Disney Gallery episode



    It Takes Three to Tango

    In an episode of "Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian" titled "Cast", Pascal openly acknowledges the two unsung heroes who've been sharing the Mandalorian's spotlight, albeit behind the mask. 

    "I am third fiddle to two incredible guys," Pascal confessed. Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder, the duo behind much of the Mandalorian's action-packed sequences, play instrumental roles. Wayne, the resident "gunslinger," takes charge of the character's gun-toting stunts, while Crowder, a capoeira and jiu-jitsu expert, dons the armor for those pulse-pounding fight scenes.

    Pedro Pascal

    Pedro Pascal vs. Plywood: An Unscripted Adventure

    Adding a layer of intrigue to the behind-the-scenes exploits, Pascal recounts an amusing yet painful incident on the set during the Season 1 finale. Just after getting his face made up to look bloodied for a crucial scene where the Mandalorian unmasked for the first time, Pascal walked right into some plywood. The mishap led to an unexpected visit to the emergency room with a split nose.

    The scene was a sight to behold, as Jon Favreau, series creator, reminisced, "He was made up, it was the scene after the explosion so he was bleeding out of his ears and was covered with blood. So he goes to the emergency room and they're like 'Let him in!'"


    Displaying true Mandalorian grit, Pascal, with a new set of seven stitches, was back on set within hours. 

    The unmasked truth about Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian role serves as a testament to the intricate collaboration and unseen heroic endeavors that make the on-screen magic possible.


    1. Who are the other two men Pedro Pascal refers to as part of the Mandalorian character?

    Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder are the two men behind the Mandalorian's action scenes, with Wayne as the gunslinger and Crowder taking on the fight sequences.

    2. What happened to Pedro Pascal during the filming of the Season 1 finale?

    Pedro Pascal had a mishap and walked into some plywood after getting makeup applied for a scene, causing him to split his nose and needing to rush to the hospital for stitches.