Bigg Boss 16: Did Sajid Khan not have to pay a penalty like Abdu Rozik for voluntary exit?

    Bigg Boss 16: Did Sajid Khan not have to pay a penalty like Abdu Rozik for voluntary exit?

    While Abdu Rozik took a voluntary exit due to his professional commitments, Bigg Boss allowed Sajid Khan to leave the show and start work on his film.


    The last two days have been very emotional for the contestants of the Bigg Boss 16 house. Especially the ‘mandali’ who always played the game like a family. This is because singer and social media sensation Abdu Rozik took a voluntary exit from the reality show on Saturday. A day later, filmmaker Sajid Khan got a grand farewell from makers in the garden area, where he got an emotional glimpse into his journey so far. He was then ‘let go’ by Bigg Boss so he can start work on his next film 100%. The mandali was broken.

    Soon after their exit, Abdu and Sajid reunited at latter’s sister Farah Khan’s house. But there are some netizens who are not happy with how different their farewells were. While Abdu got an announcement, Sajid got an emotional goodbye. A post shared by Mr Khabri also suggests that Abdu had to pay a 2 crore penalty, which Sajid apparently wasn’t charged. The post read: “Bigg Boss bids a goodbye to Sajid Khan with a grand farewell and allows him to exit the show. While they did not give any type of farewell to Abdu Rozik and charged a penalty amount of Rs 2 crore from him for voluntary exit. Abdu deserved a better goodbye!”

    In the comment section below, many netizens have expressed their disappointment at the same. One social media user shared, “Abdu deserve better treatment”, whereas another netizen stated, “Excalty only top 5 deserve this journey video because they earned it. He was taken voluntary exit isko itna glorify kyu krna. Jate jate bhi bias h bigg boss iske liye.” Meanwhile a third comment read: “Damaad ko vidha kar rhe hai kuch toh special karna tha.” Well, we don’t know what their contracts said, and who paid a penalty for voluntary exit. But Abdu did deserve a better goodbye, because he was undoubtedly one of the most adored contestants of the season. What do you think?