Bigg Boss 16 promo: Tina and Shalin fight over utensil cleaning, netizens feel its actress' new game plan to paint him 'aggressive'

    In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16, Tina and Shalin will be getting into an ugly fight. And netizens believe that Tina is trying hard to paint Shalin aggressive. 


    In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16 , Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot who are quite close to each other will be seen getting into an ugly fight over cleaning utensils. In the recently released promo, Tina goes to the kitchen and Shalin follows her and stops her from washing the dishes. When she reaches the sink, Shalin picks her up. And Tina shouts, “Don’t do that.” She later walks toward another room in anger, after telling Shalin not to speak to her ever again. “Keep your facial expression and aggression to yourself,” she yells at him. To which Shalin responds, "I'm not aggressive." But Tina continues, "Shut up. Can`t you see your own reflection in the mirror? Some people can never change in their life."

    Further, Shalin follows Tina to explain himself. He says, “I wanted you to reheat my breakfast.” He also added that he wasn’t getting angry and just not meant to be aggressive as he doesn't know how to have a conversation in such a case. Soon after the promo surfaced, Twitterati shared that Tina is having a new game plan to show Shalin in a bad light. One of the users wrote, “Tina Datta 's new gameplan is "Shalin is toxic aggressive boyfriend". She will do anything in her being. Threaten BB makers even just to make Shalin abusive. When he is not at all aggressive with her. Shalin bro Run Run as far away from this, she will do anything to win.” Another commented, “LOOK AT TINA TRYING HARD TO PAINT SHALIN aggressive. She ticked off the Sumbul is obsessed agenda from her list after makers supported her by making sumbul obsessed . Now she is on to Painting Shalin as an abusive person so on wkv sk bashes him and calls him abusive .b!!ch.” Also read: Not Sumbul Touqeer Khan but Rajiv Adatia thinks THIS contestant is obsessed with Bigg Boss 16's Shalin Bhanot 

    Meanwhile, previously in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan had slammed Sumbul Touqeer for being possessive of Shalin. He also schooled Shalin and MC Stan for their physical fight that took place earlier this week in which Stan almost hit him with a vase. Stan has also been nominated for the next four weeks as a punishment.